Kerry Mitchell Dietitian sitting at desk

Do your patients

need more support?

Nutrition and lifestyle support may be what's missing

It’s frustrating when you are doing everything right to help your patients but they seem to come back and still are struggling with some unresolved symptoms. Then there’s your schedule, you have more patients than hours in the day. I know, I have worked with physicians directly throughout my career.


I can help! I'm Kerry Mitchell RD, CDE, Life Coach with 20+ years in nutrition consulting with patients with various comorbidities. Even though you tell your patients to eat healthy, it's really confusing and they need personalized care versus using the internet or their friends to find diet and nutrition information. They need evidenced-based care by an experienced registered dietitian that specializes in personalizing their diet and nutrition to their conditions and symptoms and guides them to take those small steps to reach improvement.


I am the dietitian and coach in their back pocket that is readily available to them over the time we work together. All sessions are virtual or telehealth. They have access to me between sessions through my HIPAA compliant platform through a phone app or their desktop and this is where they document their food intake, symptoms, food triggers and lifestyle activities and I can make timely recommendations. High risk changes identified, they will be referred back to you.

When you refer your patients, you will also get an update on care plan and patient's progress.

Below is my electronic referral form that goes straight to my HIPAA compliant platform.  I will get an alert and follow up with patient within 48 hours next business day Monday-Thursday and schedule a complimentary consult. 

I look forward to collaborating with you and helping your patients.