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This POWERFUL session is designed for women just like you who are at their WITS end on how to feel better, take care of their health and bodies & get that energy and life back. You have tried figuring it out on your own & piecing things together…I get it! Crazy amount of supplements,  the latest fad, what others have told you…THIS is NOT that! You'll bring it ALL, symptoms, concerns, “hot messes” to the table. We are going to dig in & personalize what YOU _______(fill in your name here) need to get your health, body and life back on track.


You get an experienced registered dietitian nutritionist to help you figure out what you need to get results. I'll personally walk you through a unique-to-you strategy in this breakthrough call. You'll walk away feeling confident with a plan that will work for you.


Session Includes:

  • 15 minute breakthrough call (upon completion of a brief application)

  • Walk away with a high-level strategy needed for getting your unique-self from point A to Better and to keep your body in balance for good!

I reached out to Kerry because I was having allergy attacks almost daily. She was able to find the root cause of my allergy problems. I have been amazed that I have not had another attack. It has truly been worth reaching out to her because she truly cares about your health. MB

* You may use your FSA/HSA Spending Account. 


your wellness process

Let’s dive in and get started on your health journey where you are at and get you feeling better within 30 days. Let’s figure out what is going on with your body so we can uncover the underlying root causes and begin your healing journey with a customized plan for what your body needs NOW. No more guess work, no more feeling confused or overwhelmed we will uncover this down to clear steps for you and YOUR body. 

My signature programs have been created for women that are sick and tired and want their life back asap! We deep dive into what is going on in your life, your body, your health. We’ll work together closely to discover what your body needs to get back on track. This program is all inclusive, where we will review results, progress, map out a plan for what your body needs now. You’ll get accountability and support for clarity and success. Programs include:

  • 1:1 Deep Dive Consultation

  • Access check-in via direct messaging

  • Functional nutrition testing-not guessing what your body needs now

  • Personalized supplement, food and lifestyle protocol recommendations based on your testing

  • Progress follow-ups to see how you are doing

  • BONUSES: when scheduled Live group calls on cooking, meal planning, exercise and hot topics


Ready to start feeling better? Let's talk.

Click the button below and fill out the brief application form for a

15 minute complimentary call.

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I want to remain healthy by doing all things possible. I have seasonal allergies as well as topical, to soaps, lotions, and various materials (Such as polyester). Kerry his pinpointed these “red flags” and I have noticed great improvement. I have also been helped with indigestion and able to quit taking acid reducers. I must mention I’ve had chronic pain from previous injury and arthritis. I am excited to say, this pain has seen great relief already.  DKM

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